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ALWA smartPINS GmbH cooperates with the trading company Delta Macchine S.r.l.

For promoting the global expansion of smartPins, an in-house production of ALWA GmbH & Co. KG, the ALWA smartPINS GmbH, located in Deisslingen enters into cooperation with the Italian trading company Delta Macchine.
The workpiece carriers „smartPINS“ have a patented systems carrier solution through Ringpins. The customers can choose from 400 different standardized PINS. For special requirements ALWA develops individual solutions for their customers operating, among others, in the automotive industry, medical technology industry, electro technical industry and sheet metal forming.
The Italian trading company was founded in 1998 as an enterprise with the objectives on importation and resale of machine tools. Delta Macchine already supports well-known products from German manufacturers in various countries. The company currently employs six sales representatives in Italy and five in the USA. Alongside the smartPINS, Delta Macchine also distributes the following products:

• Accessories and Precision tools for CNC machining centres
• IFP – industrial cleaning plants
• Sorting machines

Delta Macchine undertakes by representation to ALWA smartPINS GmbH the distribution of the components carrier system in Italy and the USA. Due to the already long time existing activities of the Delta Macchine in Italy and the USA, ALWA smartPINS GmbH sees the opportunity to open up international markets through cooperation partners in the respective countries.