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Ocean blue workpiece carrier system „smartPins“ will be available in the future

We conducted an interview about the backgrounds and changes with the managing directors Klaus Heinzelmann and Dominik Kammerer.

Why did ALWA decide to produce their PINS in the standard basis colour ocean blue, in the future?

Heinzelmann: That, in the future, companies can recognize the original workpiece carrier system „smartPins“. Our product exists over 20 years now. In the meantime it has often been copied, but the longstanding know how and the outstanding product belonged to Mr. Schwartz and from the beginning it has always been produced by ALWA. Furthermore it is a pleasant colour in production and fits with today’s machine covers. Of course, nothing will change in respect of the processing and the high quality demands.

Can Customers continue to order PINS in tailored colours?

Kammerer: Costumers can continue to order PINS in different colours. This is especially convenient if families of parts, which differ minimally from each other, are produced. Through the use of different colours of the PINS a mixing up can be prevented. Shown by the colour, the production employee can see which workpiece carrier system needs to be inserted in which component.

What does the in house product smart PINS stand for?

Heinzelmann: With the workpiece carrier our customers can transport their parts safely, internal and external, even with difficult geometries. Furthermore an undamaged storage in small space is possible due to its stackable system. The workpiece carrier is known for its high level of reusability and the high resistance even after the use of aggressive washing media. smartPINS can be implemented in the whole value chain within the production process, starting with the production itself through washing and storage up to the delivery to the customers. Advantages our customers are enthusiastic about.

Which services are offered by ALWA?

Kammerer: The product is a highly complex one. For its individual production technical advice is necessary, also the product needs to meet customer requirements. ALWA provides full service, from the development/ construction to the manufacturing and spare parts supply.