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Workpiece Carrier

Flexible and stable

The carrier system consists of high-quality stainless steel and plastic components that are heat-resistant and notable for their high stability and durability. In addition to our standard carriers, we can produce custom solutions for your specific applications.

The special characteristics for our workpiece carriers are...

• variable equipping of grid and plate sizes
• optional design of the carriers made of high-quality V2A in a galvanized or aluminum version
• the possibility to use the support plate with a reliable bayonet closure or with a wire solution
• the resistance of our materials especially in the existing market of cleaning agents, drilling oils, emulsions, etc.

Werkstückträger 1 - Alwa Smartpins Werkstückträger Transportsysteme
Werkstückträger 2 - Alwa Smartpins Werkstückträger Transportsysteme