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smartPINS for over 20 years – a product which inspires companies!

In 1995, the first workpiece carrier transport system „smartPINS“ was designed by Mr. Schwartz and produced by ALWA.

At that time Mr. Schwartz worked in a pharmaceutical company as Director of Construction and Development for Laboratory devices. His task has been the development and manufacturing of measuring devices and automation equipment for research laboratories. Therefore the exact positioning of the samples has been important for enabling a robot access.

How the history began

Starting 20 years ago, during a company visit in a pharmaceutical company, a production manager out of the medical technology sector became aware of one of Mr Schwartz’s developed devices. The requirement of this former manager has been the construction of supports tailored to their parts produced in the medical technology. The objective should be a safe and damage free transport of the metal components during the cleaning process. For the first time Schwartz was commissioned to construct carriers with PINS for work pieces. At that time, these carriers have been produced by ALWA.

A good idea never dies – it lives on

Year’s later, neighbouring firms had the opportunity to visit the production site of the medical technology company, for which Schwartz and ALWA produced the workpiece carrier with PINS. During this factory tour an employee of a well-known automotive supplier noticed these special workpiece carriers. Again Schwartz was contacted and received a contract from the automotive industry.

Due to new logistic concepts such as Just- in- Time, Kanban and the automation of the manufacturing processes the mid-nineties the demand increased significantly. Schwartz was known for his constructions and has been recommended. In the meantime he retired and used his free time to found his own company named „Schwartz Industrietechnik“. The order position increased steadily. Only a few years later, he was already able to hire two engineers. The workpiece carrier gained awareness in various branches and had been recommended frequently.

An idea is only then recognized as a good one if it’s copied

The Idea was such a success that also other companies wanted to benefit from it. In the late 2000 the first similar workpiece carrier entered the market. As a result, Schwartz and ALWA patented some parts of the innovative technology and closures.

Schwarzt sold the company and the product to ALWA

In 2011 Mr. Schwartz, who already reached the age of 70 at that time, decided to sell his innovative product to his long-term partner Albert Wasmeier / managing director of ALWA GmbH & Co. KG. One of his former employees switched to ALWA and still constructs the workpiece carrier transport system in cooperation with another colleague. The workpiece carriers are an in-house production. Two major benefits for customers: know how and experience were passed over to ALWA and the high quality standards as well as the uniqueness of the smartPINS remain.

Foundation of the distribution company ALWA smartPINS GmbH

The ALWA smartPINS GmbH was founded in 2016, March. In the future the company is responsible for the development, distribution and sale of the workpiece carrier „smartPINS“. Two managing directors, Klaus Heinzelmann and Dominik Kammerer, have been appointed. Mr. Schwartz is furthermore active as independent consultant and full of enthusiasm.