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About ALWA smartPINS

Optimization and Protection

For processing, transporting, cleaning and storing, your products must be properly protected and stored. Our carrier systems offer customized solutions for set goods. The aligned part geometry of our pins places rotationally symmetric and asymmetric products in an accurate position.

smartPINS – the intelligent solution for applications such as...

With unique advantages that will win you over...

We develop individual solutions...

• cleaning of components
• damage-free component transport, both internal and external, even in cases of difficult geometries
• damage-free stackable storage
• simplified handling during production
• flexible use in the entire production area

• automated and stackable system
• partially patented socket with pins
• high flexibility due to a wide variety of fixing options
• high stability at low weight
• optimal component management
• precision production for automations
• optimum cleaning results through better flushing of components

…for automotive, medical, electronic and sheet metal processing. We will gladly develop a carrier system and pins that will match your specified parameters.