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Coated metal part

Do you know the problem? You’re a supplier of coated metal parts and their delivery is carried out in a truck. Your customer is complaining about damages in the surface coating. But you are unaware of any wrongdoing, as the coated metal parts have left your production building, quality controlled and without any complain.

The questions that arise in the quality management department and production are the following:

  • Where and how does the damage of the surface coating originated?
  • How can the partly high reject rates be reduced?
  • How can it be ensured that the coated metal parts are delivered to the customer, at the right place, at the right time and in the quality required?

In many cases, it takes a couple of weeks till the employees of the metalworking companies find out, that the cause of the damage in the surface coating of the metal parts, lies in the truck transportation. During the ride on uneven roads or through braking movements, the metal parts within the transport containers are shaken and due to insufficient security, the parts collide and the surface coating is damaged.
In the past, we could eliminate our costumer’s reject rates, which have been up to 30%, through the manufacturing of suitable smartPINS. Often, these customers have already been using good workpiece carrier systems and therefore could hardly believe that although damages in the surface coating of the metal parts occurred.

A 100% O.K. for metal parts through smartPINS workpiece carrier system

For one company, as an example, the coated metal parts, stored in a customized sample workpiece carrier, which has been especially developed, have been loaded onto a truck. Within the smartPINS workpiece carrier systems the metal parts have been exposed to extreme conditions, as the truck traveled thousands of kilometers and the parts have been shaken. After the testing phase the metal parts on the truck were checked. No damage has been noticed. The customer was delighted and a solution found.
With more than 20 years of experience, we support companies in saving high investment costs due to the use of specially developed PINS and slight modifications in machine feeds. Therefore we create a workpiece carrier concept that includes the whole added value, according to the customer’s requirements. Due to this concept we could achieve cost reductions in the 6-digit range, for some of our customers.
Furthermore customers of ALWA smartPINS very often confirm a shorter amortization time of investments as a result of the reduction of reject and rework costs.
If you would like to learn more about our smartPINS? Then we look forward to your phone call or you can use our contact form.