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Ausschuss reduzieren bei Metallteilen

Minimizing reject rates and reduction of rework time

The continuously strategy of improvement of our customers from the metal and medical technology industries, implies the reduction of waste as well as the meeting of high quality requirements. A major topic in several branches is the zero error strategy, in which we support our customers. Due to our ALWA smartPINS workpiece carrier system, we already have achieved high levels of success and reduced the reject rates drastically.

Frequent rearranging equals high reject rates

Especially during the manual rearrangement of the metal parts, the customer’s quality requirements and the zero error strategy for highly sensitive parts often can’t be complied.
Indifferent, if the employee is wearing gloves during the rearrangement process, treating the metal part like an raw egg and putting it carefully into the washing basket. Despite of all these measures, often the surface of highly sensitive parts is damaged.
Meaning that a frequently rearrangement equals a loss in quality. In many cases, the metal parts are put down manually into the washing baskets, by precision turned parts machines. After the washing they’re clamped into another device and probably a third or a fourth time due to further necessary production steps.
During these manually conducted processes, scratches occur on the surface of highly sensitive parts with a high surface quality or parts with membrane. Inevitably this leads to a high rate of rejects.
And this in turn, as you all know, implies a raise in cost. On the one hand these costs are a result of the rework time and on the other hand of the research of possible solutions to this problem carried out by various departments.

With our ALWA smartPINS workpiece carrier you can minimize the reject rate of metal parts

In addition to the reduction of the reject rate, the ALWA smartPINS workpiece carrier system often comes along with another positive effect, the release of manpower. In some cases, in which we managed the processes, the reject rates could have been reduced from 20% to 0%. Our well-known customers from the metal and medical technology industries, as well as the automotive industry, are fascinated by this system. Another main point besides the reduced reject rate is the release of manpower, where you have the possibility to equip other ALWA smartPINS carrier by hand in, case of an increase in the quantity required at short notice and whit it bypassing the bottleneck effect.

You want to get to know more about ALWA smartPINS workpiece carrier? Then do not hesitate to call us and arrange a meeting with Klaus Heinzelmann, who will be glad to help you.